Free Avatar-based chatrooms for your Site or Facebook Brand.

Any Facebook interest becomes its own chatroom - automatically!

Secure and Anonymous chatting environment.

No spam, advertising, or pop-ups of any sort.

Your Facebook Interests as Chat Rooms

Why hunt for chat rooms that suit your interests when your interests can automatically become chat rooms?  Everyone that goes into the chat room on Voodoo Chat associated with a given Facebook page or interest, will encounter any other chatter going to that same page or interest's chat room.


Voodoo Chat takes your social experience to the next level.

An Instant Chat Room for Your Brand

When your users feel connected to one another, they feel connected to your brand.   Using Voodoo Chat's Facebook Page App, you can give people an easy way to jump right into your Chat Room.


Your fans can use your chat room even if you've never set one up - if they're fans of your brand, they have the option of using your chat room even now!

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